Vancouver jazz musician's web sites

A-Ge Go-P R-W

Kenny Alexander drums
Kristian Alexandrov drums, piano
Mike Allen saxophone, piano
Mary Barry vocal
Rebekah Bell vocal, flute
Doe Bender vocal
Eli Bennett saxophone
Jon Bentley saxophone
Saul Berson saxophone
Miles Black piano
Kristian Braathen drums
Pearl Brown vocals
Holly Burke vocal, flute
Jared Burrows guitar
Lauren Bush vocal
Jesse Cahill drums
Sandro Camerin guitar
Leora Cashe vocal
Tim Clark guitar
Tom Colclough saxophone, clarinet
Bill Coon guitar
Jason Corbett guitar
Joe Coughlin vocal
Laura Crema vocal
James Danderfer saxophone, clarinet
Dee Daniels vocal
Gerry Deagle trumpet
Melody Diachun vocal
Stephen Dick drums
John Doheny saxophone
Anita Eccleston vocal, trumpet
Itamar Erez
guitar, piano
Dennis Esson trombone
Megan Fanning vocal
Lorraine Foster vocal
Tom Foster drums
Hugh Fraser trombone, piano
Bruce Freedman saxophone
Greg Gates guitar
Luis Giraldo
vocal, piano
Linton Garner piano
Genuine Jug Band

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb - vocalist,
Martina Griffiths vocal
Jaclyn Guillou vocal, , lyricist
Bobby Hales trumpet, bandleader
Kevin J Hamilton trombone
Rob Hamilton guitar
Kate Hammett-Vaughan vocal
Aaron Hardie saxophone
Mark Hasselbach flute, trumpet
Ben Henriques flute, saxophone
Ali Henry voclas
Mike Herriott trumpet
Maria Ho vocal
François Houle clarinet
Jennifer Hodge bass
Hot Club of Mars
Avzal Ismail piano
Daryl Jahnke guitar
Fran Jaré piano, organ, vocal
Rebecca Jenkins vocal
Robin Jessome trombone
Deanna Knight vocal
Alannah Lori vocal
Stu Loseby tenor sax
Anna Acevedo Lyman vocal
Alex Mckechnie
George McFetridge piano
Fraser MacPherson tenor and alto sax, flute, clarinet
Steve Maddock vocal
Vince Mai trumpet
David Marion bass
Andy Milne bass
Sharon Minemoto piano,
Laurence Mollerup bass
Leslie Mounteney vocal
Bob Murphy piano, keyboards
Brian Newcombe bass
Monik Nordine saxophone
Graham Ord saxophone, flute
Lori Paul vocal
Dave Phyall guitar
Karin Plato vocal
Paul Plimley piano
Carman J. Price vocal
Jeremy Price flute

Dave Raglin saxophone
Randy Raine-Reusch world instruments
Michelle Richard vocal
Dave Robbins drums
Scott Robertson drums
Adam Rohrlick saxophone, guitar
Daphne Roubini (Black Gardenia)
Bill Runge saxophone
Nancy Ruth
Campbell Ryga saxophone
Mike St-Jean drums
Trevor Salloum percussion
Colleen Savage vocal
Jennifer Scott vocal
Gregg Simpson drums
Bria Skonberg trumpet, vocal
Adrian Smith trumpet
Johnny Staccato vocal
Fred Stride trumpet
Swinghouse 4
Brian Tate vocal
Joani Taylor
Adam Thomas bass, vocals
Jill Townsend trombone
Terry Townson trumpet, flugelhorn
Chris Trinidad bass, drums, vocal
Stevie Vallance vocal
Don Wade (Sax Among Friends)
Chuck Walker guitar
Gavin Walker alto sax, clarinet, flute
Cameron Wigmore saxophone
Rene Worst bass

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