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Words and Music at the Prophouse June 25-28

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by Jared Burrows

As jazz fest time rolls around again the city is in a flurry of creative activity and bassist, Clyde Reed, is curating a week-long series of words and music collaborations at the Prophouse Cafe. Several years ago, Clyde began working with the poet Kate Braid, working with her at numerous readings and poetry festivals. The partnership proved to be very successful and inspired Clyde to think of other collaborations with words and music.

The series draws on Clyde’s long-term artistic relationships with amazing musicians, poets, vocalists, and spoken word artists from up and down the West Coast. Out-of-town guests will be Michael Vlatkovitch (trombone, Los Angeles), Rich Halley (tenor sax, Portland), Mark Weber (poet, New Mexico), and Laura Winter (poet, Portland). These folks will improvise together, with Clyde, and with local artists Kedrick James (spoken word), Jared Burrows (guitar), Daniela Elza (poet), DB Boyko (voice), Vivianne Houle (voice), Coat Cooke (saxes/flute), plus Ion Zoo: Carol Sawyer (voice), Steve Bagnell (saxes/percussion), Lisa Miller (piano).

Words and Music will feature some established, long-term collaborations such as Kate and Clyde, Michael and Mark, Kedrick and Coat, but also a lot of new and unexplored combinations. Expect an incredible variety of creative improvisations with words and music: song, poetry, found text, and spontaneous vocalizations of every description.


Prophouse Cafe, 1636 Venables St., Vancouver, admission by donation

June 25-28, 5-7pm

  • June 25    1st set: Daniela Elza (poet) plus Clyde Reed (bass) and Jared Burrows (guitar)
    2nd set: Kedrick James (spoken word) plus Clyde, Jared, and Coat Cooke (reeds)
  • June 26    
1st set: Kate Braid (poet) plus Clyde Reed      2nd set: Viviane Houle (voice) plus Clyde, Jared Burrows, Rich Halley (reeds), Michael Vlatkovich (trombone)
  • June 27    1st set: Mark Weber (poet) plus Michael Vlatkovich and Ion Zoo: Carol Sawyer (voice), Lisa Miller (piano), Steve Bagnell (sax and percussion), Clyde Reed  2nd set: Ion Zoo
  • June 28    1st set: Laura Winter (poet) plus Clyde Reed, Rich Halley, Michael Vlatkovich
   2nd set: DB Boyko (voice) plus Clyde, Coat, Jared, and Michael Vlatkovich



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